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October 02 - October 04, 2021


One of the India's Largest TEDx Event

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Day 01

October 02, 2020

Day 02

October 03, 2020

Day 03

October 04, 2020

Keeping in Mind the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and The Safety of our Attendees and Speakers, The FIRST Edition of "Ideas Worth Spreading" was conducted VIRTUALLY as everyone stayed safe inside their homes. 

Theme : 

Probing The Possibilities of The Present

Fostering Our Future

The Future ensures humanity an exhilarating journey of unraveling hidden truths and making groundbreaking discoveries. Nonetheless, the Future that we look to with hope can only be birthed by the endeavors of the Present.
The spheres of Technology, Medicine, Science, and the aspirations of humanity, quests for identities synapse in beautiful patterns as we explore and discuss the challenges we face and questions left unasked and unanswered. 

For a 03 day-virtual event we brought together scientists, doctors, poets, social reformers and trail-blazers from myriad walks of life who helped us probe the possibilities of the present that might herald in a more inclusive Future for mankind.

"Be Inspired" 

Live Breakout Rooms

In congruence with TEDx spirit of sharing ideas that inspire, viewers were given links to a number of Breakout Rooms at the end of each day's session to discuss ideas that inspire. 

Cultural Program Series

Short Film : A Tribute To COVID Warrior Families

Short Film : Slactivism

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