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We could not run TEDxAIIMSPatna without the incredible generosity of our institute. From event space to transportation, a huge amount of the TEDxAIIMSPatna experience comes from their support to help us make the weekend great. We are truly grateful. 


When you hope to create an event that supports and builds community you know you need support. When you commit to creating high-quality videos that can spread ideas from AIIMS-Patna to a broader audience, you know you need support. 

It is your support that allows TEDxAIIMSPatna to not only exist for our community but to thrive year after year. Thank you for seeing the potential in TEDxAIIMSPatna. Thank you for believing that AIIMS-Patna has ideas to share. And thank you for putting your money where your mouth is and making sure that TEDxAIIMSPatna continues to be a pillar in our community. 

So to all of our partners and sponsors, you became part of the ‘we’, the team who delivered Patna a world class TEDx event. For this, We would like to extend a huge thank you from our team, our volunteers, our speakers, our delegates, the city of Patna and beyond.

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About AMSA India

AMSA India is a student-led, not-for-profit, non-political, non-governmental, medical students organization. AMSA India represents Indian medical students' interests in all the spheres of our society and thus provides an excellent platform for their empowerment. 
With a triune motto of Knowledge, Action and Friendship, AMSA India aims to promote scientific and medical activities, kindle concern for the community and build good relationships among our colleagues .




State Bank of India (SBI) a fortune 500 company is an Indian multinational Public sector undertaking operating across time zones through 229 offices in 31 foreign countries. SBI is largest Indian Bank with ¼th market share serving over 45 crore customers with focus on innovation and customer centricity. SBI AIIMS Branch is a proud entity of this legacy. The branch also cherish long standing rapport with AIIMS Patna and has been always on forefront to be part of noble initiatives through its Corporate social responsibility activities.

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Bank of India (BOI) is an Indian nationalised bank. BOI is a founder member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunications), which facilitates provision of cost-effective financial processing and communication services.

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