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Future Shows

Imaginative performances are an essential part of the TEDxAIIMSPatna lineup. We are convinced that dynamic, creative experiences help to not only engage the audience but also digest the cognitive load from the talks during the day. This helps to strike a balance between the two sides of the brain and set the mood for the event. TEDx is not only a platform for ideas presented in the form of a talk, but universally embraces all ideas worth spreading.
We invite you to watch our Favorite TEDx Performances collections. 
Are you an artist or a performer? There are multiple ways for you to be part of TEDxAIIMSPatna and get your ideas out into the world. You can either:

​) Share an idea on stage that is best depicted in the form of a short musical act, dance performance, a sneak peek of your personal style of performance art, or any other format which is not a talk, or

2) Present your art or music in a more intimate, communal audience interaction between sessions.
Note: It is not necessary that you personally know the performer that you want to nominate, however, we would request you to provide us with comprehensive information about the performer which would help us better to know the person.

Do you wish to nominate someone?

Do read the following before filing the nomination:



The nomination form is open for future editions of TEDxAIIMSPatna. Upon announcement for subsequent editions, the application will be reviewed by the performance team and the applicant may be invited for performing at the TEDxAIIMSPatna Show. 

We are particularly interested in unique artists, wild genres, surprising combinations of media as well as bringing unconventional instruments to the stage. However, this list isn’t exclusive! We are open to all kinds of passionate artists and performers who want to take the audience on a journey into their world.

Performances on our stage are typically about 08-12 minutes long and will be filmed by a professional team. The resulting video is later featured on the TEDx YouTube channel with over 31 million subscribers, which brings it before a global audience. Some of these videos are selected by the TED team to be included in their community newsletters or featured on

TEDxAIIMSPatna isn’t a typical show. The TEDx audience has high expectations of the performers; the TEDx performance team works with performers well in advance of the show to help shape a performance that will outshine on the TEDx stage. 

Performers will be required to work with our performance team and rehearse 1-2 months before the date of the performance. We would also require the performance to be available to our conference, curation teams 1-2 days prior to the event date for multiple events and rehearsal schedules.

In a nutshell, these are the perks of performing at TEDxAIIMSPatna
  • You get a professional demo video capturing the unique ambience of a short live performance, 

  • If you are an up-and-coming artist, you get a chance to perform in front of a large, extremely welcoming and supportive audience, 

  • If you are an experienced artist, this is the perfect setting to try out new concepts in an inspiring environment and expand the reach of a brand new project.

If You Selected: 

Our team will review the applications and we might invite you for an audition. We will want to get to know you better, and we’ll want to see a shortened, first-draft version of your performance, shot on video and sent to us. You go on the road to the red circle (see below) and if all goes well, perform at TEDxAIIMSPatna on the 2021 Show. 

What if I am selected for a performance? The road to the red circle

We acknowledge that every artist has their own style of creating inspiring art. We will guide you with our expertise regarding what works within the given setting and for the given audience, but we will not interfere with your creative process. We will schedule at least 05 rehearsals before the event to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of the event. If you choose to explain your art on stage, we will also help you bring across your message in the most impactful and comprehensible way possible.

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