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ed. 01 - 2020



I am more than a survivor

Violation of one's own body, feeling that it is no longer your own can have catastrophic effects. Such experiences may resurface after years of being tucked away into a dark recess and usurp one's life necessitating that we deal with it both as a child as well as an adult, In this talk Ishank Chhibber explores what it is like to be a victim of Child Sexual Abuse as an adult, the lesser known facts about Child sexual Abuse that one must be aware of and how to prevent, heal and recuperate not only an abuse victim but a male abuse victim in a country that has one of the largest population of children. He was 25 when the memories of being sexually abused as a child, tucked away in the dark recesses of his mind, began to surface.

the truth behind India's ugliest trade

In the battle against sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking, all of our awareness campaigns,counselling centres, laws and surveillance will prove to be futile if the problem is not eliminated from the root- Hunger and compulsion. In this talk, Raju Nepali takes us down to the grassroots of India's Ugliest Trade- the Sex trade. He explains how girls get trapped by promises of a better life and jobs and are pushed into sex-trade by a well linked network of sleeper agents, brokers and transporters.



saving others' lives, taking one's own

trans-cending barriers. flying high.

Dr. Basu delves into the life of a life-saver in the second most populous country in the world, explores the causes behind these fatal outcomes and demystifies the complex web of work-stress-personal life- expectations-criticism that drives these brilliant minds to Death. He suggests that Suicides be destigmatized and our entire system- both healthcare and social be restructured to prevent the loss of these precious lives.

Adam Harry Explains meticulously the harsh reality that is faced by TransMen in India and how medical and legal procedures to ascertain the gender-identity of the individual is in reality a violation of their Right to Equality before law and leaves the very essence of their identity and congruence under the heel of authorities that have no experience in such issues. He explores how Indian society can grow out of its myopic perception of the Trans community and the law and medical procedures be amended to make social, educational, occupational and economic provisions equitable for all irrespective of their gender identity.



how "bhaiyas" & "didis" are trying to fix our broken schools

learning together for safer patient care

In the talk Aakanksha Gulati suggests how to shift the focus of education from the curriculum and lesson plans to the WHY behind education. Redefining education must witness a shift of power and decision making from policy makers to children and help them develop life skills for their Future.

To err is human and all the more natural owing to the stressful and highly demanding conditions our healthcare practitioners work in. In this talk Dr. Ravi Kirti explains how we can build an environment of trust and learn from our peers and how this symbiosis is enormously beneficial for Patient Safety


a mother's daughter


how to know that you belong, even when you feel like you don't

Aashna talks about how her mother refused to tolerate the abuse any longer, broke away and toiled hard to earn a living for her two children. The engendered role of a woman's sphere of life being contained within the sphere of the household is a myth as Aashna explains how her mother's occupational involvements never hampered her growth as a child.


Human beings are creatures of community. We strive and build a niche for ourselves and decorate its walls with our memories. The security becomes an addiction as we gradually give away too much. We feel that we do not belong. In this talk Foram Ashish Shah takes us through a poetic discourse and helps us reaffirm that we do belong, even when we fell like we do not.


मीडिया की धुंधली तस्वीर एकदिन ज़रूर साफ़ होगी

covid-19 : diagnostic technologies: taking the road not taken

Watch, Sanjay Kumar, talk about How can we restore the tipped balance from Popularity Ratings to responsible reporting and ensure a more inclusive representation for all sections of the society and help mirror the very essence of a pluralist society.

Pandemics have a profound impact on human societies. And most of these impacts are negative. But for every low there is a high. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of several day-to-day technologies in the field of medicine. I see this as a silver lining as the pandemic drags on. In the talk, Prof Vivekanandan Perumal explains how they created the world's cheapest SARS-CoV-2 testing kit with limited resources and ventured into a lesser known field of Biotechnology- literally taking the Road Less Taken.


how i turned my adversities into opportunities

In this video, Suzonn talks about his own journey and how he has and is sojourning his own way as an Independent Musician.

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